UnGreat Films 4: Cat on a hot tin roof(1958)

Stills from the movie, along with it’s poster. Credits: Scott Anthony@Medium

A blue eyed wife asks her blue eyed husband to dress up for his dying dad’s birthday party. The crippled husband pours himself another drink. He is angry.

At her? We might think, but no. At himself? Yes, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. And hence the drink, which helps maintain the misery while making it bearable. Bearable for whom? For him. What about her? She is just hanging in there, bearable or not. Why? Because she can. Because she wants to. …

An appreciation(not a critique) of PT Anderson’s Phantom Thread, originally written on 6th Feb 2018.

Hello Hello! I went to see Phantom Thread tonight.
A little deliberation, a little fright;
a couple of flights, of stairs.
I reached huffing puffing & hollowed.
But then the chorus started ; & Cassandra followed.

She sits there, a German face, in all her Englishness profound, on a burgundy armchair with mahogany walls in the background. Airy “yes”es & perfect teeth, almost no hand movement, convincingly devoid of exuberance, like an madman’s antique. …

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

I got into TG from watching YouTube videos of their stupid challenges, and that stupidity kept me hooked through to the Amazon Series TGT, which is just the same show with a bigger budget and a worse tent. One of the features of their travel is the absence of them talking to locals, something BBC has perfected over the generations with Sir Michael Palin et. al. . These guys just do their own thing in their cars, and keep doing it until a decidedly pointless ending becomes imminent, and hence worthwhile, and hence fun. Here goes…

Bolivia: Starting from the…

Europe turns into Asia not just one way, nor do all major European nations derive their identity from the Roman empire. This is about that other frontier, this nation that harboured notions of Rome and Christianity in its heart long after those things were no longer the driving forces in Europe.

Large Scale Political map of Russia. Image Taken from mapsland.com

Disclaimer: Majority of the factual information in the article is taken from this Epic History video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0Wmc8C0Eq0

Rurikid Dynasty: 862–1598 AD

The western part of what we call Russia was inhabited by various Slavic tribes(Slav is the Latin word for slave) until a Varangian(Viking) chief Rurik consolidated them into a state and formed…

Image Credits: https://www.parkcircus.com/film/106753-In-A-Lonely-Place

In a Lonely Place is a 1950 American Noir film starring Humphrey Bogart(the one from Casablanca) and Gloria Graham’s eyebrows(the rest of her is in a supporting role). It’s about a murder mystery in which Bogart is a suspect, but that is the backdrop to the real story of a love affair between the lead characters. It starts during a police investigation when she(being his neighbor) provides him with an alibi to the police, and continues throughout the investigation when she realizes that he’s a toxic person and not really the kind that his charm and “Bogart-ness” might suggest. …

Jack and Rose sit in their car on the way to the real estate agent
Jack and Rose sit in their car on the way to the real estate agent
Image taken from: https://mubi.com/films/the-ballad-of-jack-and-rose

It’s not hard to guess that I would be a Daniel day Lewis fan. Who isn’t ? So to complete his pack, I watched The ballad of Jack and Rose. It’s the story in mid 80s of an ex-hippy who was the last person still living in a commune, with his teen daughter in a small island off the US east cost, maybe near Boston. The movie has a slight angle about his daughter having a crush on him, mostly because there’s no one else around. But I want to talk about something else.

He is a very hardcore Liberal…

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