Threading a Phantom

Hello Hello! I went to see Phantom Thread tonight.
A little deliberation, a little fright;
a couple of flights, of stairs.
I reached huffing puffing & hollowed.
But then the chorus started ; & Cassandra followed.

Throw away respect,
tradition, form & ceremonious duty,
For you have but mistook me all this while.

The music of this film was not of the Mozart ilk, a high note hanging somewhere in the background, like a sign-post in the middle of a flooded river; but a subtler kind(I’m probably wrong here, but stay with me). A slow serenade of Schubert with shy notes, with as many layers as a wedding dress, just happy to be there, without stamping any authority till now; turned into a chorus, & Cassandra followed in it’s steps, in plain clothes; she’d shed his polished layers.



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Pranav Kumar

Pranav Kumar

Physics, Films, Fiction, Food, Football, …and travel and history